FIABCI World Council of PropTech

We are delighted to announce the launch of the FIABCI World Council of PropTech. Thank you to the distinguished members for their ongoing leadership and commitment: Rafat CHABAANE (President from FIABCI-Suisse) Alina Aeby (VP from FIABCI USA), Alexander Schuch (VP from FIABCI Austria), Andres Correa (VP from FIABCI Columbia), and Alexander Kanen (Secretary from FIABCI USA)

The World Council of PropTech aims to position FIABCI as the global umbrella federation for PropTech associations and players to create a unique, market-leading real estate ecosystem.

The three primary objectives to describe our mission are as follows:
1. Support the main real estate/construction players to solve global challenges through an early-stage involvement of PropTech resources;
2. Increase exposure to PropTech solutions and facilitate implementation by creating new and innovative business opportunities;
3. Provide added value insights and training to the FIABCI members and strengthen their innovation knowledge using PropTech.

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